Tornadoes - April 27, 2011

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    Pictures of the destruction following the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes in Alabama
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  • Hi, my name is Jan Owen. I am a woman following, loving, seeking and worshiping Jesus. These writings are my thoughts as I journey through both the pains and joys of life. After serving as a worship pastor for 15 years, I am now a worship missionary, serving as the President of the Give Worship Project, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to help equip indigenous church leaders, particularly in the area of worship. You can donate by using the DONATE button below. All your gifts are tax-deductible and very appreciated. Thanks! Check it out!

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    February 02, 2010


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    Alison, 31, Madison

    You are my friend :) and this is the only place I can keep up with you while I'm on this crazy schedule!!

    My favorite posts are (of course) about your travels, but I also like just hearing about everyday life.

    Love you and Miss you!

    1) David, 36, Sydney, Australia but soon to be Belfast, Northern Ireland

    (2) Started reading through Sunday Setlists, but added it to my reader because I like your heart beyond that, and definitely following your life changing decisions of recent months.

    (3) I kind of answered that in my reasons for reading, but with blogs like yours and others like church planters, I enjoy reading both the wisdom posts and the life struggle/celebration's all part of who you are, and that's ultimately why I read.


    1. Deana, 39, Florida

    2. I began following you on Twitter via the re:create and read some of the posts you note there

    3. developing your ministry, your heart.

    Sarah Chia

    1. Sarah, 30, Huntsville

    2. A friend. :) I like that you're a woman in church/ministry leadership.

    3. It's inspiring to see where you are going with your ministry now.

    Linda S. Johnson

    1. Linda, 64, Scottsboro

    2. Your Mom, keeping up with what you are doing.

    3. Being able to keep up with your thought life,as well as well as some encouraging messages for myself.

    Cyndi Anderson

    Cyndi, 55, Sultan, WA

    I found your blog, not sure how, just browsing, and was touched by what you said that day. I marked it as a favorite and check in. I love to hear your thoughts as God gives them to you.


    Kathleen, 54, Southern California

    You're a friend I met at LTML.

    I appreciate hearing about your journey with God as a woman in ministry, a wife and a mom.

    Cathy Thatcher Gireth

    1. Cathy, 51, Madison

    2. I am your friend and I care about what you are doing. And yes, I REALLY do like worries :)

    3. I like to hear about your travels, you have a very beautiful way of describing the things you see and experience. You have a lot of insight. I also like to hear how God is speaking to you and how He is working in your life.

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