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    October 29, 2007


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    Linda Hortter

    Yeah God!


    Well, you know how I feel about it.
    1. This is great!
    2. It's about time!

    And every woman who takes a stand and obeys the calling she knows she has received is an example that let's every girl believe, "Hey. I can do that, too." Thanks for being such a woman in our midst. I know it's not easy. But it's worth every tear.



    I have to say I am in somewhat disagreement with your comments here. What does being "ordained" have to do with ministry or service to God? I see this whole issue is not something that pertains to happy fellowship with God, but rather seeking approval from man.

    Does God somehow discredit an individual if they are not "ordained" by the "church"? Is ordination not really an invention of man? Where in scripture do we see the necessity or requirement of "ordination"? Historically speaking, ordination was not even invented until about 500 years after Christ. Is this then to say all the Ante-Nicene leaders were somehow illegitmate as they lacked ordination? No...instead their legitimacy was determined by several factors. First and foremost their endless devotion to God & sinless lifestyle. Second, who they had been taught under - for example Polycarp was taught by John and thus this was his theological lineage and accredition. Third, their doctrine and whether it lined up with that of the apostles and Christ. For me I would rather be concerned with making sure I have these qualities rather than a plaque or approval of others.

    I guess what I am saying is don't focus on what others think, but more importantly what God requires and desires from his humble servants. Please don't take my comments as criticism, but rather I would encourage you to focus on what God desires and not on what people think. God Bless!

    PS. Just for the record I don't necessarily agree with women taking a leadership role in the church. I'll leave that for a whole other discussion :). Just know I love you as a friend!


    Finally got over here to respond (your post has been opened in my browser waiting to be read for days! Heh.)

    "...they have chosen love over man's law today".

    Love is the number one... definitely.

    I think so often we forget about the women of the Bible that God used to do His will & bring His purposes to pass!

    I agree with you about the praying over our ministers, whoever they are, in our own churches. How much more would pastors, worship leaders & others who serve feel less anxious & sometimes on edge about things, especially when there is (as there can be) drama in the church. I think it would put an end to a lot of such drama, gossip & so forth, with love prevailing & prayer more important in all the congregation's hearts.

    Sometime we both should chat more--I'm a woman in a SBC as well, & will probably be taking a more active role in leading worship soon as our own worship pastor is called elsewhere.

    In that too, I can see how *relationship* is so key between all of us--it breaks down the barriers & the what-ifs of what goes on in people's minds versus what their actions reveal. I think that relationship will be what opens the door for many, including myself, as fellow believers see the call God has made on someone's life & themselves (as in the case of your friend) feel that God is calling for them to affirm & support them, out of love for their fellow servants of God.


    Jan, I thank God for women like you. Where would we be without the Joyce Meyer's of this world? Also I myself am trying to fiqure out God's call on my life. He has given me a vision about a women only worship service at my church, but I am truly scared. My husband and I work with the childrens' church and puppet ministry,but I know what He wants from me concerning women's worship it's just hard to make that first step. thanks for your obedience.
    Keep pressing on. Lots of love to you and your family.

    anne jackson

    amazing. thank you for sharing that. my mom was the first woman accepted into the m.div program at SWBTS (to "teach, not preach!" she pleaded) so i no doubt follow in her footsteps. except she is much nicer in her words. :)

    i am fortunate now to be in a congregation where ordination of women is not an issue. i know in the sbc, churches are autonomous, but the two i was in had taken issue with it. cest la vie!

    thank you for your testimony!

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