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    November 05, 2007


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    1. Gravy and biscuit - Few places get this right. My mother's were nearly always perfect. The biscuits were light but flavorful (She cut them out with an old baking soda can). And her gravy was always made with bacon drippings but was also not greasy. It must be thick. Cracker Barrel's is pretty good.

    2. Cornmeal dressing - "Stuffing" is a lie of the devil. Turkey must be accompanied by cornmeal dressing. The ultimate is made by my mom's mom, Granny Freeman. In fact, many of us have always eaten the dressing as the main entree. Everything else, including the bird, is a side. Yes, it's that good.

    3. Granny Freeman's teacakes - Sometimes I'm not sure that Kathy didn't marry me for a steady supply of these during the holidays! Airy, not too sweet, with a touch of cinnamon. Melted in your mouth. Granny always made a special batch just for Kathy. No one can duplicate them because she has never measured anything except with her hands. Sadly, she hasn't felt up to making them for a few years.

    4. Fried chicken - It's a cliche but that's for a reason. My mom's is fantastic. Flour. Crisco. Boom. But no one else who tries it gets it the same. My brother will touch only hers. Again, Cracker Barrel's is nearly there but heavier. But you can only get it on Sundays.

    5. Pinto beans - Ideally made from scratch. For hours. Must have a nice, thick soup. Watery pintos aren't pintos. But that can be cured by a night in the fridge!

    Sweet tea isn't considered a food by some - but it is the way we make it!


    Haha...I eat peach cobbler for breakfast too!

    Jan Owen

    Ooh, I can't believe I missed dressing. I agree Johnny, stuffing is not the same and is certainly not southern. I will argue with you that our family's is the best! Since my grandmother who makes this so well is 89 and no longer cooking, this job now falls to my mom, Phil and I. And we argue about the sage - you can't have too much sage, imo!


    I think all this talk of Southern food is getting us ready for the holiday season. I am available for lessons just about any time,give me a call.

    By the way the hen adds more flavor - they are older and fatter.


    Hey, I thought I posted something about fried pork chops and my grandmother making biscuits and red-eye gravy... But I don't see it here.


    I thought the biscuit/RED-EYE gravy idea was disgusting, but apparently it's a known southern delicacy. :)

    joan young

    My mom passed away in 1983. Over her years as I grew up, she made a southern dessert called "Butter Roll" and it was the most delicious dessert. It was hot and bubbly, rich in butter, vanilla, scald milk... no cinnamon or nutmeg was in it. I helped her make it lots of times, but I must be missing something. she left no notes or measurements and my daughter and I have really tried to master this just in her honor. Everyone loved this dessert and I have asked so many times of others... no one seems to remember the old times and the recipe. Can you help us? Thanks

    dining room sets

    Southern comfort foods are one of the best foods I ever taste. I really love it and I wish I can have it every day.


    Christie Jordan's Southern Plate site has a butter roll dessert recipe that is simple,inexpensive and will make you feel like a kida again.


    Yes, I love that book. I got it for Christmas!

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