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    January 13, 2008


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    One of the gifts I received for Christmas was the book "Heart Shift" by John Trent. Quoting from the cover "the 2 degree diffencence that will change your heart, your home, and your health".

    As the book points out it is nearly impossible for me to think of making a 180 degree course change in any area of my life but it is very possible that I can make a little 2 degree adustment, then another, and another and so on. If I can continue to do this over time it is possible that I can have true change for the positive.

    "Heart Shift" is about change in our own personal lives in all areas as well as change in our church. Sometimes a church needs to make little 2 degree adustments in the positive direction as well.

    I am proud of all of you as you make these small steps of chanage to improve all areas of your lives. In days to come you will be so glad you did.

    I love you,


    This is just me but I have decided to stay away from New Year's resolutions. The prospect of maintaining them for a long period of time is very intimidating and demoralizing for me. The minute I break them I tend to give up on ever doing them again. It's better for me if I take it one day at a time and say, "Today I'll do this" and not focus on tomorrow.

    I'm really supportive of your special space efforts. I've always wanted a dedicated spot for prayer but we have such a tiny house it's difficult to find a space that isn't used for something else. I have always envisioned us building a new house and building a special room - a literal prayer closet - with a kneeling bench and maybe a stained glass window near the ceiling and nothing else.

    Jan Owen

    I normally do not make resolutions either but I just HAD to make some changes and the new year seemed a good time. My little prayer space is not grand, but it is mine. It's just a corner actually. I would - as you say, Johnny - love to build a room that is beautiful and dedicated and conducive to fellowship with the Father.....maybe one day.


    I'm glad you're enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

    I had a bit of an awakening a few months ago. I was exactly 25% over my medically recommended weight and I felt terrible. I asked the doctor for advice and he put me on a Mediterranean diet (which is vegetables, fruit, olive oil, fish or chicken occasionally, dark wine or grape juice, and only whole grains) and I started walking 3-4 times a week. I lost weight gradually (two or three pounds a week) and ate plenty. And I started feeling MUCH better. I could tell whenever I ate red meat, grease, or too much starch because I felt awful afterward. The holidays and my cold put a few pounds back on but I'm starting over again. I've had trouble getting below 192 so maybe I need to watch my portions on the veggies!

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