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    July 18, 2008


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    I have to "dance" around the house every night after I watch "So you think you can dance". Thankfully, Levi likes to dance too now, so I have an "excuse". Sounds like I could get in trouble going to see this movie :).


    We had a fabulous time! And the Greek scenery was wonderful! Go see this movie! I am going to have to go again, as soon as I can get a ticket. The word on the street is that it was sold out again tonight.

    Grab a friend and just let loose. It felt good to laugh and just be silly. However, I can't get the songs out of my head (which is driving me a little crazy)

    Christie Ross

    I was sad that I could not have found us some mics to use on Friday night. I know for sure that Jan and I would have been standing on our seats and singing at top of our lungs. I am pretty sure the rest of our group of girlfriends would have been doing the same!

    I had SO much fun singing along with the movie. I wish they had provided the words at the bottom of the screen as I have forgotten alot of my ABBA lyrics.

    Oh yea, and Pierce Bronson should never, ever sing least not in a serious, musical number. The entire audience was laughing when he started singing. I felt kind of bad that everyone was laughing at him...and then he takes off his shirt and I lost it. I could not stop laughing!

    One last comment...I so want to find me some platform boots. If anyone has some in a woman's size 9 then call me. I need them for our future inspirational praise team buliding activity. :)

    Jan Owen

    @Christie - there is a costume shop in town. I vote we go hang out one day and see what they have. :) I have MANY ideas for this event now - my brain just keeps perking! It's gonna be awesome! (If people will participate and not be poopy about it!)


    Jan, when have any of your "praise team building exercises" ever failed for lack of participation? With the group we have I think you could go way, way over on the zany side and still have people follow. I'm not sure what that says about us. What's that old saying? Who is the silliest? The silly leader, or the silly people who follow.

    Jan Owen

    @Michael, I have GRAND plans this time. And you're right, sometimes someone just wants to watch but mostly everyone gets into it. I think it means we are a "special" group. We are NEVER boring! yea for us!

    Debbie B

    I just had to say that I had so much fun Friday night. It was nice to get out and play with the "girls". It's been such a hectic year, that a wild, wacky & wonderful time was much needed. :) As for the inspiration, I'll do just about anything, but sparkly spandex frighten me a little (I'm SCEERD!!), although the platform shoes does create a slimming silhouette. and in my current physical state I can use all of the help I can get. :) It was fun, when are we going again?


    Jamie, her gf and I went to see Mamma Mia while the boys went to the new Batman movie. We had a BLAST! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard and so loud in a movie.

    For weeks now (it seems!) I've had ABBA songs coursing thru my head, every time I wake up at night, on my way to work, in the car wherever. My, my!

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