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    August 10, 2008


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    Fred McKinnon

    Wow - sounds like we're on the same page. Our series is called "Get In The Game", and we had a short service today as well. We weren't pitching "small groups" so much this Sunday, as the "reach out" segment ... getting involved and serving.

    I'd love to hear more about how you faciliated the discussion w/ tables. How many people are in your church - where were the tables setup? We wouldn't any room for this - even in our 1,000 seat auditorium, it was packed in the 11:00.

    Honestly, we do VERY LITTLE to encourage "community" DURING our Sunday service, but we take a part of it to encourage "community" (what we call "Reach In") ... including featuring a specific small group or ministry, and then always encouraging everyone not to just take off, but to take some time in our atrium for coffee and fellowship.

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon


    Jan - sounds like a very cool service - and very creative! Was the video something you produced or something you purchased?

    We are doing a spiritual growth emphasis through small groups beginning in September and planning elements now. I'm grabbing on to the Switchfoot tune - great lead on that!

    Jan Owen

    beth, we are also continuing this next week - same song, 2nd verse and we're using Sanctus Real's song "We Need Each Other" which is such a direct hit. The video was just grabbed off of youtube I think - it was one of those things done while I was away. We did not produce it though, I know that.


    I so can't wait to get home. I am ashamed to admit that Ihav not been to a church service since I came here. Just the thought of getting the girls up early, dressing them, putting them in their stroller, walking the 10 or so blocks to church and then sitting through a very long service (because it is in eng. and spanich) wears me out...
    But possibly in 2 weeks I'll be there!


    Beth, we found the video's on youtube - they were done by realife ministries. They had a series of 4 and we chose two of them. Let me know if you can't find them.

    Jan - still amazed at how God blessed us on Sunday. My prayer was that people would not leave without meeting someone else and I was blessed to see so many stay after the service and talk to each other!

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