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  • Hi, my name is Jan Owen. I am a woman following, loving, seeking and worshiping Jesus. These writings are my thoughts as I journey through both the pains and joys of life. After serving as a worship pastor for 15 years, I am now a worship missionary, serving as the President of the Give Worship Project, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to help equip indigenous church leaders, particularly in the area of worship. You can donate by using the DONATE button below. All your gifts are tax-deductible and very appreciated. Thanks! Check it out!

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    November 19, 2008


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    Thank you so much for being so brave. I really enjoy your posts, especially your views on women in leadership in these last few.

    Tyler (Man of Depravity)

    Couple thoughts:

    1. It is completely unfair how many denominations treat women as missionaries and there you have a point.

    2. You said, "You can thank women for the current evangelization of the world." This seems a little over the top.

    jan owen

    Tyler, my point was that if women had not served as missionaries we would not have evangelized a huge amount of the world. Historically there have been much larger numbers of women than men go to foreign countries as missionaries, particularly at the time of the missions "push" of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Without them the gospel would have reached many less people. It was meant more as a "Did you know?" kind of statement but I will try to reword and be more specific about what I meant.

    Linda Safford

    Jan, sorry, I have to come back and reiterate that I do feel men and women are equal in the sight of God...we are all equally sinners and equally saved and equally gifted to serve His body. However, from all I've studied there are positions/office that are reserved for, elder/pastor.

    I have a girlfriend who has faithfully served as a missionary for more than 20 years. She shares the gospel just as any woman or man should. She is a very selfless person who does her work for the Lord.

    Women have served faithfully in all the churches Mike and I have served in. You serve faithfully at The Brook. Women teach, lead ministries...I don't see women being turned away from serving. We've been in churches from Pensacola to Houston to Kansas, IL and Germany and have always had women serving.

    I stated that egalitarianism can be a slippery slope. I did not say you are promoting a genderless situation.

    As for interpretations of God's word...that's another discussion. I'm comfortable and always ready to learn from His word. I don't go so much with what man's teachings/writings are...I refer to them but I'm always brought back to balancing those thoughts with scripture. That's just the way I am. And my way may not be everyone else's way, but that's OK.

    We all need to serve the body of Christ. We need not fight for the right to since He has gifted us and we are to share those gifts as we share the gospel. There is no one is His church that is not allowed to do His work.

    We are heading out to hear April's Christmas concert in Mobile...early yes, but she's out on December 5. Hope your family enjoys a peaceful, relaxing and happy Thanksgiving. I'm thanking God today for you. Blessings......Linda


    So true. Some of the traditional views on a woman's place in ministry seem to be rooted in a biased interpretation of some passages in Scripture, influenced by people like St. Jerome who was a women hater. I read a very interesting book by Gene Edwards about this: "The Christian women ... set free"

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