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    November 23, 2008


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    hey Jan,
    checkout our version of "You, You Are God" at:


    Good service today. It was straightforward and real but not too serious. Vision Day is not a time to doom and gloom. Great job by all.

    Actually, Gregory and I are just not "right" in the head. In a way, I wish I hadn't been in that sketch. I'd like to have seen what he was doing! He winged the whole thing. Gregory just takes off and doesn't come back down. Even Richard was tossing lots of stuff in that we hadn't rehearsed.

    I love writing (when I get around to it) but I've never been one of our strongest improvisers. It goes against my natural controller impulse. I'm really not a fan of improvising physical humor in the background because it's potentially distracting and I have had actors take it too far. The audience always loves it (which encourages them to crank it up even more in the next service!) but the message can be overshadowed. It's a tough balance to find.

    I have avoided redneck humor for 10 years for a reason. Usually the accents and phrases ("like a duck on a junebug", etc.) are all that's carrying it and the end product all sounds alike to me. (In real life, we use phrases like that a few times a day, not 30 times in a three minute conversation). I tried to write around that, let him talk like someone you could conceivably meet, and allow the content be funny on its own.

    Doing it at the end really opened up the possibility of dismissing on a funny or uplifting skit once in a while. I really liked how it worked today.

    Jim Drake

    We did YOU YOU ARE GOD today too--I see a trend.

    Looking forward to meeting you in February @ Create!


    I hate that I missed it! As I was getting ready, I started blanking out and the room was spinning from exhaustion. I went 26 hours without sleep which was the longest I've ever gone without sleep - apparently I can't do it!

    Needless to say, Garet made me eat and take a nap :).

    I can't wait to see and hear the highlights and get back in the office this week. Although, everyone kept telling me I was planting a church in Hawaii now....???

    jan owen

    @Johnny - whatever your reservations, in Phil's words, "it was brilliant". I think people will remember it.

    @Alison - you are NOT planting a church in Hawaii without me! Richard did make some comment about we were going multi-site and you were doing research.

    @Jim - I'm looking forward to that too - meeting all my "virtual" friends in reality!

    @Fred - I'll have to go check that out!


    "You, You are God" great song!

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